our history

1937 – the first home removal

The Larsen family have been in the home removal business, in Queensland, since 1929. And so today, Ocean and Outback House Removals, owned by Graham Larsen and his wife Melanie, are continuing the tradition started in the 1920’s by Graham’s grandfather, Percy Larsen.

In 1937 brothers Percy and Stewart Larsen relocated a house at Kingaroy Qld (pictured above and below). Ironically, the same house was relocated again in November 2011 by brothers Jamie and Graham Larsen from Kingaroy to Nanango. Jamie Larsen, owner of Burnett House Removals, was the principle contractor for this relocation. Graham Larsen, owner of Ocean & Outback House Removals was responsible for relocating the smaller section of house, which was an extension to the original home.

The truck used in 1937 was a 1929 Dodge, purchased new by the brothers Percy and Stewart. Jamie Larsen still owns this truck today and intends to restore it to its original glory.

home removals in the 60’s

In 1965 Percy Larsen and Selwyn Larsen, Graham’s father, relocated a house near Biloela to make way for the Calide Dam (pictured below).

A bulldozer was used to clear trees to make way for the thirteen metres (43 ft.) wide house and the truck used was a 1944 ex-army EH Mack. This truck is one of two EH Macks that they used, one of which was registered and used up until the early 1990’s. Graham still has both of these trucks.

the 80’s and hydraulics

In 1983 the Larsens invested in their first hydraulic trailer fitted with a 6 ft. lift. Graham, then aged 9, was often out with his father on home removal jobs and was allowed to operated his father’s first hydraulic house removal trailer.

The truck was an ex-Russels Transport Diamond T with 180 hp, supercharged Cummins 5 speed main box with 4 speed joey box. The house pictured below was relocated from Pie Creek Gympie to Widgee.

then and now – what’s changed

Today Ocean & Outback operate steerable hydraulic trailers, jacking plants and trucks fitted with push-pull turntables to assist with getting out of bogs. We are also able to spin houses on the spot with our one-of-a-kind turntable.

“From the first meeting with Graham I knew I had the right guy for the job. Never second guessing himself or the magnitude of my house removal.
I had two old school buildings removed off a very steep, windy private property…
“The move was flawless and professional. Graham’s attention to detail was refreshing and extremely thorough and the job was completed quickly and without hassle…
“I highly recommend ocean and outback and trust them with any removal and or re-stumping job great or small.

Amanda Wager | Gayndah